Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mikail's Development: 21-month old

From Muhammad Mikail

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What's your toddler doing? Your 21-month-old is probably interested in rearranging furniture, assisting with chores, and using his own play shelves, table, and chairs. He might also be able to put on his clothing (not yet but he can take off his pants), wash and dry his hands, or brush his teeth with help (hmm this one is tricky. It really depends on his mood).

He's also getting closer to tackling the toilet. Sometime after his 18th month but before his second birthday, your toddler will be able to recognize when he is going to urinate or have a bowel movement. You'll also notice signs that your child is about to eliminate — he might crouch down or move away (whenever he does this, please do not disturb!! He requires alot of energy and full concentration, you know what i mean). Even after he realizes what's happening, he isn't necessarily ready to use his potty, but he's getting closer to it.

How is your life changing? Toddlers at this age like things "just so." Along with tantrums and exploration, obstinacy is another hallmark of toddlerhood. Respect his preferences and interests and try to give in on the little things, like which jelly to use on toast or which shirt to wear (at one time, he cried because of didn't get to wear the pants that he wants.). Make it clear that some things — like behaviors that affect safety — are not up for negotiation.

Try establishing — and sticking to — set times for napping, eating, and going to bed to help him feel more secure and in control. Routines can also make your life easier (totally agreed, especially during night time. We make it a routine for him to go to bed as early as possible.). If your child knows what to expect every day, you'll probably encounter less resistance. A regular way of doing things can also keep you from having to take time to plan each day separately.

Parent Tip: Time for a Song "I've noticed that with my 2-year-old daughter, language and communication skills have really started taking off. Musical games, reading, sorting, and physical play are her favorites now." — Tara